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22th June 2019 (SAT)  
Stanley Main Beach

Nature of Sports: 

Open Water Swimming Race, 3.0 km Mass-start race

Race Start Time : 

Mass-Start race 2:30p.m. (All swimmers)

Entry Fees : 

  1. No fee, Free Race

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Declaration of responsibility is required for all swimmers

  2. No one should join the race unless he/she is physically fit, in excellent health, and fully expected to finish within the CUTOFF TIME of 70 mins for 3.0km swim.

  3. Swimmers must obey instructions to kayakers, helpers & personnel of the race.

  4. This is a club event. Swimmers will take full responsibility & safety during the race.

  5. Wetsuit is not allowed.

  6. Breaststroke is not allowed

  7. Safety buoy is mandatory during the race.

buoy compulsory.001.png

Agenda : 

  • 1:00am - 2:00am 

Assemble at check-in point by the tables above the changing rooms, stanley main beach,   Check-in & body marking.

  • 2:20pm 

Race briefing

  • 2:30pm

Race start​

Course Map :

  • Water and mass start from outside of rocky beach(Hairpin Beach) next to Stanley main beach

  • Swim to the direction of turtle cove

  • Turn around at the yellow canister

  • Swim back to Stanley Main beach

  • Pass the safety net , turn right to the finish at the beach(near water sports center)


course map.001.png
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