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Race conditions

Sea temp is ideal at 25deg. Its will be low tide. Current is moderately against the 3.8k course.  

McBean Middle Island Challenge (MMIC) 2019

Nature of Event :3.8 km / 1.0km Open Water Swim Race  
Date : 3rd November 2019 (SUN)

Race start time :​ 9:00am 

Race Venue: Victoria Recreation Club, Deep Water Bay

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3.8km course

  • Early Bird: $260 (until Oct 18th) 

  • Standard: $300 (until Oct 25th) 

  • Last chance: $350 (until Nov 1st, 6pm) 

1.0km course

  • Early Bird: $220 (until Oct 18th) 

  • Standard: $260 (until Oct 25th) 

  • Last chance: $310 (until Nov 1st, 6pm) ​


Swimming buoy (Optional purchase):

  • $220 (Collect buoy during the race day)

Prizes : 

  • For 1.0km, Medals for each Age Group category (Male / Female, 19 & Below / 20 - 39 / 40 & Above). 

  • For 3.8km, Medals for each Age Group category (Male / Female, 19 & Below / 20 - 39 / 40 - 49 / 50 & Above). 

  • For 3.8km, Cash Prize will be awarded to course record breaker (One Prize for Male & one prize for Female).

Course Record (3.8km)

Male     - James Tan - 48:18.0 - 2019 

Female - Waris Mills - 52:41.9 - 2018 

Agenda : 

  • 7:30am - 8:30am 

Assemble at check-in point by the sea side of VRC,   Check-in, body marking, collect safety buoy(if ordered during sign up) & warm up.

  • 8:40am 

Race briefing

  • 845am

​1km racers walk from VRC to middle island beach 

  • 9:00am

3.8km - Race start ( water start by VRC) 

  • 9:15am

1km racers standby near  Middle Island Beach.

  • 9:30am

1km - Race Start ( water start by  Middle Island beach) .

  • 10:15am

1km award 

  • 10:45am

3.8km award 

Rules and Regulations 

  1. Declaration of responsibility is required for all swimmers

  2. No one should join the race unless he/she is physically fit, in excellent health.

  3. For 3.8km course, racers are fully expected to finish within the cut off time of 1hour 30minutes, and reach 1km checkpoint at Middle Island Beach within 25mins.  Swimmers who fail to do so are required to leave the water near the 1km checkpoint and walk  back to VRC.

  4. For 1.0km course, racers are required to finish within the cut off time of 30mins.

  5. You may be asked to provide proof of competence. If fail to do so, you may not be allowed to race.

  6. Swimmers must obey instructions to kayakers, helpers and personnel of the race.

  7. Always stay away from the coast at least 30m. Beware of the shallow rocks.

  8. Swimmers will take full responsibility and safety during the race.

  9. Wetsuit, fins or paddles are not allowed.

  10. SWIM BUOY is mandatory during the race.​Please inspect you buoy days before the race. Make sure its firmly secured in your body during swim. Not swim with a buoy or lose it during the race will be disqualified.

  11. Swim style of ONLY front crawl is allowed.


Course Map :

course map.001.png
course map.002.png

Transportation to VRC Deep Water Bay:

  • MTR: get off from Ocean Park MTR station, and 15-20mins walk along Mill & Chung Path 

  • Bus : 6X, 260

  • Driving - Public Parking is available at Island Road, Deep Water Bay.

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