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Clear Water Bay Open Water Swim

About us

We are swimming enthusiasts and gather for open water swim at Clear water bay (beach 2) and other beaches at Sai Kung during weekends.

When and where

We normally start from Clear Water Bay Beach 2 during days at weekends & meet at Life guard tower 3.

Each session details please read Facebook update 24hours before session.

Transport to CWBB2 : No. 103M mini Bus from Tseung Kwai O MTR, Taxi

from Hang Hau MTR, No. 91 Bus from Choi Hung MTR(every 15-20mins)

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How long distance is the swim

In the range of 2.5-3.5km. We may do occasion special adventure swim from time to time. Please note the website and the Facebook group announcement

Do I qualify to join?

Please read the swim proficiency at the follow table and see which group are you.

You may not be ready for our sessions and may require more training if you are not within these swim pace categories. 

Swimmers not know your proficiency shall checkout the group leaders before before joining the group. email: or ask within Facebook group

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What swim style are allowed?

Front Crawl (Freestyle) ONLY

Do I need to pay for it

NO. There is no charge.

What swim gears are needed?

  • Swim Buoy - Mandatory(available at sports shops at Escapade, Decathlon, and online shops). No buoy,  no swim!

  • Swim Gears - Swimsuit(non body-tight clothing not recommended), bright color swim cap, goggles,

  • Optional - Vaseline (against chaffing on the neck and arm pit), antifog gel, Water bottle is not necessary for ~3km session.

  • Wetsuit - You may need to wear wetsuit when the sea temp is 25deg or less. Wetsuit not allowed at sea temp of 26deg or above.

buoy compulsory.001.png

All swimmers joining the session are totally voluntary & fully aware of taking full liability of personal safety and property. Swimmers can rent lockers at CWBB2 or put bags together in public area. Avoid bring valuable items. Follow instructions of experienced swimmer, enjoy your swim!

Personal safety and property liability

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