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The Nipples Virtual Challenge

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Competition Period: May 22nd 2021 to June 6th 2021

Repulse Bay Temple Beach - Tau Chau (The Nipples)  - Temple Beach

Nature of Sports: 

Open Water Swimming Race, 3.2km

​Race routines:

  1. Participants are required to record the swim using a GPS watch or mobile phone with Strava app installed and upload the record of your completed swim to the Strava website.

  2. Take a picture of Strava Map, Distance, Time and Pace (see sample) and send to the email: info@eventshorizons, subject : Repulse Bay Nipples race result, Racer Name,

  3. Want to challenge yourself? There will be kayakers who will pace participants and help

    them to complete the course for a target finish time of 45 mins, 50 mins, 55 mins and 60 mins on 30th May 2021 morning...


All participants who finish the challenge will receive a finishers T-shirt.

Awards to the fastest male and female swimmers
Great draw prizes including free entry to open water swim races, swim gear and more!



Swimmers must be responsible for their own safety.
Swimmers are encouraged to wear swim buoys and swim with a buddy during the swim.

Entry Fees :

  • $180  paid by Payme

  • $200 Paid by Credit Card (Paypal)


  1. Participants need to complete the event by swimming.

  2. Participants need to complete the challenge in a single effort, although there is no limit to

    the number of attempts allowed within the event period.

  3. Strave times are final.

  4. Participants should understand the nature and risk of the event, which they are joining

    voluntarily. Please consult a doctor if you have any concern about your physical fitness

    for this activity. If you feel unwell whilst taking part, you should stop immediately.

  5. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules and regulations at any time without

    notice and have the final decision on all matters relating to this event.

Refund and Transfer Policy
No refund and no transfer for this event.

buoy compulsory.001.png

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Declaration of responsibility is required for all swimmers

  2. No one should join the race unless he/she is physically fit, in excellent health, and fully expected to finish within the CUTOFF TIME of  75 mins for 3km or 45mins for 1.4km race.

  3. You may be asked to provide proof of competence. If fail to do so, you may not be allowed to race.

  4. This race is recommended for swimmers who do regular pool swims / open water swims. Racers are recommended to join free sessions oraganized by OWSHK prior to race day. 

  5. Swimmers must obey instructions to kayakers, helpers & personnel of the race.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

  6. Swimmers will take full responsibility of their safety during the race.

  7. Wetsuit is not allowed.

  8. Drafting is not allowed at any time. The draft zone is 8 metres from the ankles of the swimmer in front. Swimmers who enter the draft zone have 20 seconds to pass the swimmer in front.  Drafting penalty is 6 minutes for 3km race and 3 minutes for 1.4km race.

  9. Safety buoy is mandatory during the entire race.​

Coronavirus Disease Precaution & Rule

  1. No sick swimmers should join the race.

  2. Personnel under the quarantine period is not allowed to race.

  3. Masks are required on deck until race briefing and after the swim race.

  4. No more than 50 swimmers should group together during pre-race and post-race.  Please maintain at least 1.5 meter between groups. 

Course Map :

  • 3.3km course -

    • Start from Temple Beach to middle bay ,

    • Swim to Middle bay and touch the safety net, 

    • Swim to South Bay & touch the safety net ,

    • Swim pass the gap of the nipples and around Tau Chau,

    • Swim to South Bay and touch the safety net, 

    • Swim to middle bay and touch the safety,

    • Finish at Temple beach.


Transportation to VRC Deep Water Bay:

  • MTR: get off from Ocean Park MTR station, and 15-20mins walk along Mill & Chung Path 

  • Bus : 6X, 260

  • Driving - Public Parking is available at Island Road, Deep Water Bay.

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