Training is postponed. Participants will be informed by emails regarding arrangement.

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Peng Chau Island Swim Training 坪洲環島游

The training swim will be held in the time trial format.  Participants' start time and finish time will be recorded.

We will collate the results.

此 游泳訓練 將以計時模式進行。 參賽者的起步時間及完成時間將會記錄,從而得出訓練時間。


About Peng Chau 關於坪洲

Half an hour away from Central, Peng Chau is one of the most relax outer islands.  With scenic treks, ancient relics, traditional temples, strong community vibes and no cars in sight, steeping ashre on this tranquil island feels like travelling back in time to old Hong Kong.

坪洲為不足一平方公里的小島,從繁華的中環船程只需半小時可到達。坪洲充滿休閒舒適鄉土風味,擁有山徑 及海灘,具有傳統歷史的廟宇以及漁村的風味, 與繁華市區形成強烈對比, 加上本地各種具有特色餐廳和食肆, 實屬週末度假的好去處。

Please refer for more details 詳情可參閱網頁介紹: (粵語) (ENGLISH)

 Training Time 訓練時段

1.7km              8:50am-10:30am        ( 1st wave start time  第一浪泳手下水時間~850am )           

3.4km              9:30am-11:30am      ( 1st wave start time  第一浪泳手下水時間~9:30am )             

5.5km              10:30am-1:00pm       ( 1st wave start time  第一浪泳手下水時間~10:30am)


The time will be slightly adjust        

Cut Off time 完成時限

1.7km, 50 mins

3.4km, 95 mins ; 1.7km checkpoint 50mins

5.5km 135mins ; 1.7km checkpoint 45mins

Training Fee訓練收費

(早鳥收費Early Bird, 正常收費Normal Fee)

1.7km              $288,   $350

3.4km              $388,   $450

5.5km              $488,   $550

Early bird price valid until 19/6/2022, Sunday at 11:59pm 

Registration closes on 25/6/2022 , Saturday at 11:59pm

早鳥收費 於6月19日 週日 23:59 為止。

登記網站將於6月25日 週六 23:59關閉。

OWSSHK Sun Cap 太陽帽 $50

Jaked Swim Buoy $180

OWSSHK Towel,  毛巾 $80


1.7km Training:

AG 年齡組別: 15&Under, 16-19, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60&Over; Male and Female

3.4km Training:

AG年齡組別: 15&Under, 16-19, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60&Over; Male and Female

5.5km Training:

AG年齡組別: 19&Under, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60&Over; Male and Female

Age group based on age on the training date 年齡組別將會以參賽者與比賽日的年齡計算

Medals/prizes 獎牌 /獎項

Medals/prizes will be mailed to top 3 participants in each AG category.

獎牌 /獎項將以郵寄方式寄與組別頭三位泳手。

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Course Maps 訓練路線圖

COURSE MAP V4.001.png
COURSE MAP V4.001.png
COURSE MAPS V3.002.png
COURSE MAPS V3.003.png

Water Depth 水深 / Swim Zone 泳區

​Current Prediction 水流預測  

(To be updated on 20/6)(將於6月20日更新)

water depth.001.png

Rules and Regulations 規則及條款

  1. Participants are required to swim with FREESTYLE (FRONT CRAWL) ONLY during the 3.4km and 5.5km training. 3.4公里及5.5公里的訓練, 泳手必須以自由式完成訓練。

  2. Declaration of responsibility is required for all swimmers.

  3. No one should join the training unless he/she is physically fit, and in excellent health condition. 泳手參加訓練 需確保具備良好體能及健康狀態, 否則切勿參與此訓練。

  4. Cut off times 完成時限 

    • 1.7km, 50 mins

    • 3.4km, 95 mins ; 1.7km checkpoint 50mins

    • 5.5km 135mins ; 1.7km checkpoint 45mins

  5. Participants may be asked to provide proof of competence. Failure to do so will not be allowed to participate in the event. 訓練單位可能要求泳手提供 能夠於時限內完成訓練的相關證明, 無法提供者將無法參加訓練。

  6. Participants must obey instructions to kayakers, helpers and personnel of the training. 泳手必須遵從艇手及支援人員的所有訓練安排指示。

  7. Participants will take full responsibility and safety during the training. 泳手於訓練期間須為自己的安全負上全部責任。

  8. Wetsuits, fins and paddles are not allowed in the training. 泳手於訓練期間不可穿戴任何游泳輔助器具,包括Wetsuits, fins and paddles 。

  9. SAFETY BUOYS are mandatory during the ENTIRE training.​ 安全浮波必須於訓練期間全程戴上。


Startlists, Check in, and course details   Start list,比賽日登記, 及 詳細路線資料 

Check in, startlists and detailed course maps will be emailed to participants 3 days before the training day. 

訓練登記時間,Start list 及詳細路線圖 將會在 訓練日提前三日以電郵方式寄給參加者。

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Ferry to Peng Chau 坪洲小輪 時間表

# Fast Ferry takes 30mins from Central to Peng Chau 

* Ordinary Ferry Service take ~35mins from Central to Peng Chau

Upcoming Events

  • Peng Chau 3.4km Swim Training
    Sat, Jul 30
    Peng Chau, Hong Kong
    Jul 30, 8:40 AM
    Peng Chau, Hong Kong
  • Peng Chau 5.5km Swim Training
    Membership Offer
    Time is TBD
    Peng Chau, Hong Kong
    Time is TBD
    Peng Chau, Hong Kong